“The workings of language are as far from our awareness as the rationale for egg-laying is from the fly’s.”

Steven Pinker

Services lingoLee - Scientific and Medical Editing

The editing of medical and scientific texts demands attention to elements that are unique to these fields.

The structure of both the article and the abstract that summarizes it is predetermined and often further confined by a required word count. Abiding by these restrictions can be time-consuming at the very least, and can become a burdensome task for authors who do not possess native English language skills.

The prescribed structure also requires a careful distinction between the presentation of findings and their subsequent analysis, as well as consistency among data referred to in texts, figures and tables, while refraining from a redundant presentation of findings. All of these call for professional editing and proofreading.

Additional tasks addressed during scientific and medical editing include replacing brand names with the generic equivalents, spellchecking using the appropriate resources, comparing the reference list with the works actually mentioned in the text, and formatting the article according to the Author Guidelines provided by the specific journal or publisher.

The process of editing your scientific or medical text and preparing an article for submission to a peer-reviewed journal goes beyond the application of the writing conventions pertinent to your particular discipline: it also refines the language, to ensure the clear and concise presentation of your ideas.

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