If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.

Rene Magritte

lingoLee -- Translation Services

The task of a translator is to present the whole work to an audience that not only reads --but also thinks-- in a different language.

This readership has a different set of expectations, values, and sensibilities than those of the readers that the author had addressed in the original text.

Translation is considered an art, rather than a technical manipulation, precisely because, while it deals with words, phrases, and ideas, it evokes the entire world to which they belong.

Given my bilingual background, you can rest assured that I am equally sensitive to the subtleties of both Hebrew and English. If you wrote it, I will find the appropriate way to express it, either in translation from Hebrew to English or from English to Hebrew.

professional translation aims to make the language transition smoothly and accurately. To this end, it is assumed that the text in the original document, written in the author’s native language, has already been reviewed and edited.

To proceed without the assistance of an expert translator can result in errors or blunders of greater or lesser consequences, as in the well-known example of this sign, posted in a hotel lobby.


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