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Getting Started

Do you need someone to write, edit or translate your text?

Following an initial inquiry, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your project in greater detail, at which time I’ll want to know about

  • Your needs and expectations;

  • The type of job -- writing, editing or translating;

  • The anticipated task or combination of tasks – content editing, copyediting, proofreading;

  • The scope of the job and the length of the text – the number of double spaced pages, number of chapters, etc.;

  • Your optimal time frame, article submission or thesis submission deadlines to be considered;

  • Do you have a clear sense of your target audience?

  • Do you have the journal’s requirements regarding Author Guidelines? I’d be glad to conduct an Internet search to retrieve the instructions;

  • Is there a list of terms or expressions you could provide to expedite the translation task?

  • For a writing job: What resources would you like me to use? Will you provide them?

The next step is to confer about our preferred mode of work:

  • Can we go straight to work, or do we need a trial phase?

  • How frequently would you like to receive progress reports? Per week? Per chapter?

  • Will we need to conduct joint work sessions via Skype or phone?

Finally, I’ll send you a price quote or estimate, we’ll set a schedule, and then the work phase can begin.

Good luck to us!

Lee Cornfield

Send an inquiry and I'll get back to you!






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