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Good writing is essentially clear thinking made visible

Ambrose Bierce

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Before writing content in English, I’ll need to know what  kind of information sources will be made available to me. The following is a list  of several possible information sources.

The Oral Interview

In this case the information is obtained through an interview which I conduct with an appropriate person or with several experts, as necessary. The interview can take place in person or via standard communication media.

The advantage of the oral interview is that it allows questions to be posed, so as to ensure a more accurate and comprehensive presentation of  the ideas and desired content. A pertinent example in which the oral interview is particularly helpful is for gathering information to be presented on a Website. Given that content writing aims to persuade, the oral interview can provide both depth and breadth as well as allowing for the communication of affect, all of which can then be transferred to the written page.

Written Media

Information obtained from various written media can be provided in either English or Hebrew. Upon receiving these sources from you, I will proceed to translate, summarize, rewrite and edit the information, as necessary, to produce clear and convincing content that corresponds to your goals. This method is appropriate for writing promotional materials, such as newsletters, pamphlets, and press releases.

Information Research

In this case I will find various sources of information, which I will summarize, rewrite and edit, to create fresh, effective, and new content.

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